“这是我第三年作为双实习的主持人, 我甚至不会考虑通过其他机构安排工作. The three of us got along delightfully and learned a lot about each of our respective countries, 风俗文化.”


澳门买球投注网. 对我们来说一切都很顺利. My husband, who was pretty nervous about the whole idea [of hosting], loved the experience. He texted me the morning our exchange student left and thanked me for the good idea and going forward. School wasn’t easy for her, but our student was VERY studious and committed.”


“Taking part in this program was much more than living for six months in another continent with different people. I still can’t believe how close I got with my friends here and I am sure that I’ll stay in touch with some of them for a long time. I created a great relationship with my host family and I have no doubts we will never lose each other. I also learned to look at things from different points of view and I understood that the way I always do things is not the only right one. I improved my English as well, which will help me so much in the future. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and the great memories I’ll bring back with me.”


“我会推荐NWSE, because the coordinators and the staff in the headquarter put a lot of effort into providing the best care and support for exchange students during their experience.”


“Our biggest reward is that we built such an amazing friendship and feel like we gained another daughter. Our children learned about different cultures and how to be better communicators. 他们还建立了终身的友谊. 看到我们的学生接受美国的生活方式真是太棒了. 每天都是一场冒险,她期待着醒来. NWSE was there for us during the whole experience to guide us if we needed help and to ensure that the students were following rules. You will never regret this experience, it’s one of the best things we have done and so rewarding.”


“Every person I’ve met here in some way made me think better about myself. 我必须说,这是我在这里最大的印象. That anytime you talk to somebody – they make you feel and think better about the world. 不管它有多幼稚, 因为这是让每个人都在这里的原因, 我个人很高兴! I am also very grateful that I am here and I have such a wonderful people around me like my local coordinator,  NWSE的伙计们, 谁总是在这里为我和我的寄宿家庭, 我已经从他身上学到了很多东西.”


“[NWSE’s] choices of school, the host family, and the coordinator were great! My exchange experience supported by NWSE was valuable and memorable. 我想推荐NWSE作为一个交流项目给其他人.”


“It is amazing how fast the students adapt to your home life and become just like your own son or daughter. They have personalities that bring a lot of different perspectives to your lives. 它们可能会让你退后一步,以不同的方式看待某些事情. The biggest reward is when they start treating you like a real parent. If you want a cultural experience and love the family atmosphere this is for you.”


“Probably the biggest reward of being an exchange student was being hosted by an amazing family. I couldn’t imagine life without them anymore and I feel like I will be at home there forever. Another big reward was getting to know another culture not just as a tourist, but as a full member of my community and therefore experiencing things I could have never experienced as a guest. 那真的开阔了我的视野.”


“[My host family and I] had directly a good connection to each other. I feel now I have another family in America… We had a great relationship with a lot of fun. I showed myself what I’m able to [do] when I try and I could test out new limits. 我有一次终生难忘的经历.”


“I think the greatest reward I got from my exchange was not only the better English skills but also every experience and lesson I had learned. 它改变了我和我对美国文化的看法. I also got the friendship between Thai and Mexican [exchange students] and also American that is valuable. It’s so amazing that we could be friends although we speak different languages.”


“我真的觉得自己是这个家庭的一员, 每当我遇到问题时,他们都会帮助我,我们的关系非常亲密. 我可以有很多的乐趣,和他们谈论任何事情. 说再见是难以置信的困难.”


“The greatest reward of my exchange was the relationship with my host families who would like to keep in touch and be a life time family.”


“I felt secure because I know if something happens I just need to call and I get help.”


“My NWSE Exchange has been perfect – the best decision I ever made.”


“起初,当我想到交换的时候, could I do it or not… I was afraid… but then I came here and it has been so, 那么好. 我太开心了. 我很高兴我做了交换.”


“美国太棒了。. 你在这里有自由. You can do what you want to do- nobody tells you what you have to do. 你可以自由选择. 我很喜欢. 我正在成为一个更加独立的人.”


“美国太神奇了。. 我很喜欢. My exchange has been amazing and it was a great decision for me to do this. 我的交流使我成长,成为一个更好的人. 我是学校摔跤队的一员,这太不可思议了. 我吓坏了……太激动人心了,我要去做. Those six minutes have been the most exciting six minutes of my life… I am so focused and my heart is pounding. 我很喜欢. NWSE has been great – I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do an exchange.”


“What I love the most about my exchange in America is my host family. I will definitely come back to America to see them and all my friends. 这里的食物、学校、人都和西班牙很不一样. 我非常喜欢我的学校. 我很高兴我决定去美国交流. NWSE is a great organization and a great opportunity for being an exchange student in the US.”


“What I like so much about America is the space – the land, the sky. 它是如此美丽.”


“What I like the best about America is the people…School is really different, 喜欢社交,不那么严格, 我很喜欢. How Americans celebrate the holidays has been very surprising…very different…I am so glad I did this exchange. 我很高兴我选择了NWSE. 在这里或德国,我找不到比他更好的协调员了. 每个人都很好,总是乐于助人!”


“我的交流很好. 我非常爱我的家人.”


“我爱我的家人. 我很高兴.”